Grooming a Persian cat – Nail clipping -bathing -Dental Care & Brushing teeth

Persian cat grooming – Let’s make these longhair pretty pets to look their best
Grooming a Persian cat is a wonderful experience for both you and your cat provided that you can do it properly. In this topic we want to teach you as the provider of feline spa services, the best way of grooming your cats in which they enjoy and you don’t get bored.
Although Persian cats spent one third of their hours in a day for grooming themselves, they require regular grooming include below steps:

Persian cat grooming

Grooming long hair coat of Persian cats

Grooming long hair coat of Persian cats is a time consuming work, however, you have to be patience and groom them every single day include brushing and combing.
If you like to see the best look of a long, luxurious coat of Persian cats, it requires careful, consistent grooming daily.
Good looking is not the only reason of grooming, you may have already seen some mats in the long haired cat’s fur, and it is exactly appeared due to unsuitable grooming. Untangling a mat just hurts your Persian cat; so you have to cut it out—with special care not to cut the Persian cat’s skin! That won’t be sound good for the cat or for you. So, by combing or brushing your cat regularly to remove their dead hair and gently ease out any tangles, there is no need to hurt your cats when removing mats because they won’t have mats at all.
Are you tired of finding Persian cat hair on your clothing and furniture; it is definitely due to your improper grooming. While cats are famous for how well they groom themselves, it is not enough, you must groom your cats every day to help them remove dead hair and prevent some of those notorious hairballs that you may find around your house.
We know most of you are getting board of every day grooming. However, you have to change your mood. You have to believe that grooming is a relaxing way to make an enjoyable time with your cat. Let’s make it.
Sitting with your cat and grooming her can be a very rewarding experience for both of you. She’ll enjoy it if you make the experience enjoyable for her. You can begin slowly with comb or a bristle brush and gently continue combing through her beautiful long hair. Talk with her. It is not important what you say as just talk quietly to feel your cat listens and enjoys your attention. At the beginning days, keep the grooming sessions very short. By continuing slowly and calmly, you will find that the experience becomes part of your daily routine. At the end of the grooming, by looking at your cat do not prevent your feeling. Say them loudly and tell her how wonderful she looks, or how fabulous she is, after grooming.
So, if you have a long haired Persian cat, Do not forget that they need daily brushing and combing.

Persian cat bathing

Let’s make those longhair pets to look their best by making them to take a bath weekly, especially when Persian cats get too greasy. Do not forget that fat Persian cats and older ones also need help to stay clean.

Persian cat bathing
Be sure to get all the bathing equipment such as the special shampoo for pets, a conditioner, the proper soap and etc. on hand, so you can be quick on washing your Persian cats and prevent them getting bored. Put a towel or an old (but clean!) window screen under their sink to make them have  a firm footing, fill the sink with warm water about  20 cm deep, and then stand your cat up in the sink. You can use a cup to completely wet her, and then apply the shampoo on her coat. Be careful to avoid shampoo from her eyes and ears. Wash the cat perfectly and use a conditioner, be sure to rinse it completely, too. Wrap kitty in a soft towel. If your house is warm enough you can leave her coat to air-dry. Otherwise, use a blow dry and brush the long haired cat. Be sure to keep the hair dryer at a low setting and move it around frequently to prevent burning the skin of your Persian cat.

Nail clipping and nail trimming of Persian cats

Nail clipping and nail trimming of Persian cats are always one of the nightmares of their owners. But it is not as tough as the cat owners think. It would be a natural, relaxing experience for you and your cats when you do it correctly.

Nail clipping and nail trimming of Persian cats

Nail Trimming of Persian cats, by using a special pair of clippers made for pets is fairly easy. At first you have to hold their paw in one hand and the clippers in the other, and then press on the underside of their paw at the toe pad. You can see that her claws will automatically extend. Now, be careful to clip them just where they begin to curve and avoid the quick (the blood vessel inside) – as you can see in the picture. The quick is a pink area which you can see in the cats with the white nail. However, for cats having black nails, there is no chance to see the quick, so you just have to cut right where the curve begins and no closer to the paw to avoid hurting them. Do each nail in turn, talking quietly to your cat. The dewclaw nails on her front paws need to be clipped. After finishing the front paws continue with back paws. The easiest way to do this is to sit her like a human. To do this you have to put your cat up in your lap with her back leaning against you and her legs extended. Now trim the back nails exactly same as front. To appreciate your cat for her cooperation, always give her a gift after the nail trimming.

Dental Care of Persian cat, brushing teeth

Dental care of the Persian includes Brushing teeth is another important step of grooming. Just like other grooming steps, if you know how to make your cat used to it, it would be like a  fun for you and your cat.

Persian cat Dental Care

  • Here you can find how to brush your Persian cat teeth easily:
    ⦁    Put some of the proper toothpaste on a gauze or finger brush and let your cat taste it. IF you know what flavor she likes, buy the toothpaste with that flavor.
    ⦁     Then put the toothbrush slowly on the front teeth of your cat and brush them slowly, just a few teeth at a time.
    ⦁    Patience is very important in grooming a cat especially for the first time. Cats need to be familiar with the way you are grooming and also the tools you are using. So, just give them the proper time to get used to the toothpaste and tooth brush. Talk to your cat in a happy voice during the process and
    ⦁    Lift the upper lip easily and place the brush at a 45º angle to the gum line. Then move the brush back and forth.
    ⦁    There is no need to brush the inside surface of the teeth because the movement of the tongue over the inside surfaces makes them clean and  free of plaque.
    ⦁    Continue if your cat enjoys it; if not, come back another time.
    ⦁    At the end, you can show her that it was a game and she is the winner so you can give her a gift.


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