DOS and DOSN’TS, healthy and harmful persian cat food

Persian cat food DOS and DON’TS


We know that preparing a suitable food for your Persian cat is one the primary concern of Persian cat owners. We do not want to teach you some recipes and leave you alone without having any knowledge about dos or don’ts of Persian cat food.

As the first Persian cat encyclopedia we believe that you deserve to know anything from A to Z about your Persian cat food. So, do not worry we are here to support you completely. For the first step, our research team provides you the most important raw material that your Persian cats must or must not eat:


1. Grains

Grains Persian cat food

You can feed your Persian cat with all grains. They are such a safe and healthy food for your Persian cats. Grains can add helpful fiber to their diet.

2. Vegetable

Vegetable Persian cat food

Vegetables such as carrots, asparagus, broccoli, green beans and winter squash are so preferable for your Persian cat food because they can provide antioxidants, enzyms, vitamins, minerals and fiber required for your Persian cat food.

3. Fruits

Fruits Persian cat food

Fruits are the most nutrient food for your Persian cats. You can feed your Persian cat with melons or banana which are full of fiber, water, vitamins, mineral and fat. So do not forget fruit in the daily Persian cat food.

4. Dairy

Dairy Persian cat food

Dairy is also a moderate food for your Persian cat which is full of calcium and protein. Your Persian cats enjoy eating them for sure.

5. Eggs

Eggs Persian cat food

Show your creativity!!! With eggs and vegetable you can make a lot of homemade food for your Persian cats. Eggs are full of protein and B vitamins, so, do not forget to feed your persian cats with them.

6. Fish

Fish Persian cat food

Persian cat food shall contain protein and omega 3. Nothing is better than cooked fish in small portions to cover this necessity. However, due to mercury risk, it is highly recommended to use tuna or salmon in the Persian cat homemade food.

7. Cooked meat

Cooked meat Persian cat food

Lean poultry meats are the best choice for making a healthy and full of protein food for your Persian cats. Broth is another food provided you prepare it with low sodium and without onion and garlic. Chicken is also good to be involved in the Persian cat food.

Cucumber(No seed) , Honeydew Melon, lamb, liver, oats, peas, polenta, pumpkin, sweet potatos(skinless), turkey, watermelon(without seat), yogurt(plain, low fat), zucchini, squash


Alcohole, caffeins, candy, chives, chocolate, coconut milk, coffee, coocked bones, fat trimmings, garlic, grapes, gum, human medications, human supplements, milk, nuts, onions, raisins, raw fish, seeds, xylitol, yeast dough


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