HOW to feed is more important than WHAT to feed the Persian cats

Every day we receive a lot of Email from Persian cat owners complaining. They claim that their Persian cats do not like their food even if the Persian cat owners do their best to prepare for them the most delicious food.
The first question that Persian cat owners ask about their Persian cat food is “WHAT IS THE BEST FOOD FOR MY CAT?” After a lot of research we found that if your Persian cats do not like to eat any type of food that you are preparing for them, this question is totally wrong. In fact you have to ask “HOW IS THE BEST WAY TO FEED YOUR PERSIAN CAT?”
You can find the answer of this question below:

HOW to feed is more important than WHAT to feed the Persian cats
1. NEVER put the food and water dishes near the litter box, because nobody likes to eat near W.C.
2. PREPARE SEPARATE DISHES for your Persian cat, one for dry food, one for wet food, and a third in case your cat has some regularly food diet.
3. Some Persian cats don’t mind having the two types of dry food mixed together, while others prefer to have them separated. BUT, NONE OF THEM like the food and water bowls that are made as one piece with two sections. Persian cats don’t like their food near their water.
4. NEVER buy Plastic dishes for the Persian cats. It can cause skin problems in the Persian cats. There are cute crockery dishes and aluminum ones that you can use instead of plastic ones.
5. Persian cat dishes and bowels need to be wide and shallow.
6. You have to clean the Persian cat food dishes and bowels, daily.
7. Water should be fresh, not stale and flat
8. As for the water dishes, you should put out at least two, each in a different part of the house.
9. Tap water changes from place to place, so if your Persian cat is coming from a different city, start him off with bottled water.
10. Cat food has a higher protein and fat content than dog food, which means that dogs find the Persian cat food yummy and force the Persian cats to share their food with them. So, be careful to keep the dog away when your Persian cat is eating.
These are 10 most important but not all rules which you have considered if you have problem with your cat eating. You can find out more about your Persian cat food by searching in the Persian cat A to Z encyclopedia of our website.

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