Jumping, the nature meme of Persian cats-how to make Persian cat tree

Jumping, the nature meme of Persian cats

“Why are you climbing everything like a cat?” It is a familiar sentence for all of us, I know we had heard it from our MOMs in our childhood. It was our favorite game to jump on the edge of furniture and walk on them without falling, then find another and jump higher.

Persian cat jumping

As our MOMs teach us, Jumping is a nature meme of cats. It is really important to know that how is the world in the persian cat eyes. Now, we want to show you how is your house in the persian cat view.

For persian cats everything is an step that help them to jump on and go higher. Their favorite activity is to have a lot of steps to jump on them and go higher and higher. So, you cannot expect your persian cat to sit and just rest on your sofa as you do always. You have to accept that jumping is the nature meme of the persian cats and when they look at a sofa they are estimating its height to discover how they can jump on.

With regard to above, it is not a good idea to make your home like a prison for the persian cats and force them to stay on their litter. It is really a cruel behavior, because jumping is one of their nature memes as it was for you in your childhood.

So, try to make some steps for your persian cat to jump on instead of behaving like a MOM.

Let’s your cat have some fun and jump on your furniture. Do not worry nothing will happen. You can also enjoy their game by watching or hugging them after a big jump

Although some of the persian cats behave like a royal. They just lie in their litter and expect you to pet them.

Shopping for Persian cat- The cat tree

A persian cat tree was produced as one of the most favorite toys of persian cats. It would be so useful for your Persian cats. They can scratch themselves with the post designed with a rough material and also jumped on the two or three levels of the Persian cat tree.

Shopping for Persian cat

The Persian cats really enjoy the tree, because they would find a private place to play and also rest. Therefore, it is so important to buy a Persian cat tree that has some Persian cat beds or barrel-shaped beds on several levels. So the Persian cat can rest there undisturbed and feel safe.

How to make a Persian cat tree

You can also make a Persian cat tree yourself. Just prepare some PVC pipe with 10 cm diameter and different heights and wrap a thick rope around them. Then use a platform with a litter on each level. That’s it. You make a special and enjoyable Persian cat tree, easily and you can see your Persian cat play and rest there, pleasantly.

Step one

How to make a Persian cat tree Step one

Step two

How to make a Persian cat tree Step two

Step three

How to make a Persian cat tree Step three

This is the best of all worlds from a cat’s point of view—a place of her own, a room with a view, as it were. It also is a scratching post. It sounds like a perfect toy, isn’t?


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