Persian cat breeders and adoption: Pedigreed, purebred, moggies

Persian cat breeders and adoption
Persian cat breeders and adoption: Pedigreed, purebred, moggies or mix-breeds, stray or shelter cats

“We have so many cats for you. Which one is your favorite: a pedigreed or a purebred? You can also buy a mix bred cat.” It is the first question of Persian cat breeders which make you confuse when you want to buy a cat.
For choosing the best cat, you have to be aware of the difference between these types. So, our research team introduced you the most important information about each type to help you in case of adopting a cat.

Pedigreed cat

Pedigreed cats are outstanding examples of their breed and breeders only breed these kinds of Persian cats to confirm with the standard of their breed. The standard is a written guideline described what cats of that breed should be like include their size, appearance, activity level, and, to some extent, personality.
By referring to the Persian cat memes and traits categories of A to Z encyclopedia you can learn about the behavior and appearance of them. Then it is so easy to recognize if you are interested in buying a pedigreed persian cat or not.
If you buy pedigreed cats bred by a reputable breeder, you are sure about the below points:

  • What the cat will look like,
  • His breed characteristics,
  • His temperament according to the breed standard

And you have the right to ask the breeder to submit the below documents to you:

  • the health clearances for any cat’s parents to assure that the queen and the male had proper veterinary care, including tests for genetic diseases
  • A written contract to specify the responsibilities for both breeder and owner. For example, the breeder is responsible for the health and temperament of the cat in a specific time and extent. Many responsible breeders accept a lifetime guarantee, including paid bills for genetic illnesses. However without a contract, it is not possible to complain against the breeders, if they refuse to pay due to some inherited physical defect.
  • A recognized registry, such as CFA or TICA.


It is almost like a pedigreed cat except that the family tree of a purebred cat contains only cats of the same breed, for as far back as records exists. Although in many cat breeds, outcrossing -mating two cats with different breeds- were permitted in the past and even today because it is important to create certain characteristics of the breed or to maintain their health.
All the points mentioned about pedigreed cats is useful for purebred, too. Also, the mentioned documents shall be submitted by the breeder for them.


Moggies or mix-breeds

Moggies or mixed-breed cats have unpredictable colors, sizes, shapes, personalities, and activity levels. So, it is not possible to predict their behavior and appearance of their adult age. However, they are lovely and incredible. It’s worth to try adopting one of them.

Stray and Shelter Kittens

Stray and shelter kittens have different start in their life. Most of them did not experience their mothers because they aren’t born into a nurturing environment and are dumped outside or sent to a shelter quite young
We are not really going to disappoint you from adopting a stray kitten. It would be definitely a wonderful experience because you are going to save a life. Just, you have to pay for veterinary and probably the vaccination to assure their health.

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