Persian Cat Lifespan in comparison with human help your cat to live longer

Persian Cat Lifespan in comparison with human – How you can help your cats to live longer

Persian Cat Lifespan in comparison with human

It is really hard to predict the exact life span of the Persian cats. However, there are some guides to help you compare the average age of Persian cats with human. There is also some disagreement among the expert’s opinions related to this topic.
Our research team reviewed all these information and prepared you the most reliable ones as below:

  • The average lifespan of the Persian cats regardless their types is about 15 years.
  • According to the experiments the below categories have a longer lifespan:

Domestic and indoors Vs outdoors

Average lifespan of domestic cats are between 10 and 18 years while for an outdoor cat is only three to five years.

Moggy Vs Pedigree

Moggy cats include mixed breed and non-pedigree cats usually have longer lifespan than pedigree cats.

Spay Vs  unneutered

Spaying the Persian cats can improve their immune system and make them to live longer.

Male Vs Female

The average life span of male cats is always more than female ones.

There are 8 life stages for Persian cats in comparison with human

1.  New born: From birth till 2 weeks
In this period the newborn is growing rapidly and gain more weight every day – Human equivalent: 0 -1 Year
2. Kitten: Between 2 to 6 weeks
The kitten reaches the medium size but they are not sexually matured yet – Human equivalent: 2 – 4 Years
3. Junior: Between 6 to 12 weeks
The Persian cats reach full size and it is the best time to spay them – Human equivalent: 6-12 years
4. Prime: Between 3 to 24 Months
The Persian cats are healthy and active; they are attractive and can be trained perfectly- Human equivalent: 14-20 years
5. Mature: Between 2 to 7 years
The Persian cats are completely matured related to their behavior and also physically – Human equivalent: 22-40 years
6. Midlife: Between 7 to 10 years
The Persian cats have less activity in this period –
Human equivalent: 40 – 60 years
7. Senior: Between 11 to 15 years
The cats may have more physical and health problems in these ages – Human equivalent: 60 – 80 years
8. Geriatric: More than 15 years
Reaching to this age is really rare among Persian cats –
Human equivalent: More than 80 years
We know that the most concern of Persian cat owners is learning how to help their cats to live longer. Our expert team has also preformed some researches about the most effective factors on the Persian cats lifespan and discover that the below points shall be considered to improve their life quality and longevity:

  • Control their weight and fitness level with a monitored diet
    Feeding is a crucial point and has the most effect on longevity of Persian cats lifespan.
  • Regular grooming
    As we mentioned in the another topic in A to Z encyclopedia called- GROOMING A PERSIAN CAT, there are a lot of points that you have to take into consideration for Persian cat grooming.
  • Vaccination and Annual examination
    Taking cats to the veterinarian regularly to be vaccinated and examined has a great effect on their lifespan.
  • Making a good and friendly relationship with them
    Spend some enjoyable time during the day with your cats. They need to feel that you love them.
  • let them feel safe and peaceful at home
    Do not let the Persians to be annoyed by other animals like dogs. It may cause them to feel unsatisfied at home.
  • Minimize the stress and anxiety
    Stress is the most important reason of disease detection among Persian cats. You have to watch them carefully at any time to protect them against any probable risk.
  • Consider their mental and physical health
    Mental health of the Persian cats has the same importance as physical health. Keep in your mind that the Persians are more sensitive than other cat types. So, it is your duty to prepare a calm and comfortable environment for them along with a good physical health.

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