Persian cat meme & Traits – Body language


Persian cat meme & Traits – Body language
Learning the basics of Persian cat body language is not difficult. By spending some time to study your kitty and by carefully observing your cat and also paying attention to their vocalizations, you will gradually know what your cat wants.
“when my cat wants to be petted, she does the usual arching of her back and will often also sit near me, reach over with one paw, and pull my hand over to her while looking meaningfully into my eyes. I know what she wants, just as if she had spoken English and told me!” Julia one of our website visitors said. No one except the owner can discover this kind of body language. However there are some typical body languages in cats which we explain to help you understand them.

1. Ear

Cat ears are one of the important part of their body language that generally signaling their feelings. You can find the most common signs of Persian cat ears as below:
If you see that your cat ear is upright and point forward, it can be a sign for either relaxing or aggressive positioning. So, you have to distinguish your cat mood by looking at the rest of their body.
If the cat ears are sideways, they are hearing alarming sounds which are sure about their meaning. For example, the alarm sound of you neighborhood car.
Ears back and flat against indicate that she is going to become aggressive. Persian cats usually show their defensive aggression by pushing their ears back and making them flat against her head. It is better to leave the cat alone in this case.

2. Tail Talk

Cat’s tail is another body language indicator of her mood.
When her tail is upright, she wants to show her content or happiness. But if you see that her hairs are also bristling, she is feeling defensive. So, be careful.
If a strange person or animal approach her, cats usually held her tail high and curled it down at the end. However if she just sees a pet or person who is not familiar, she will hold her tail halfway up.
By flicking her tail upright, she sees or hears you but has more important things on her mind at the moment or something else like squirrel or bird outside has piqued her interest.
Cats indicate a warning sign by swishing their tail back and forth which means they are not happy. It is better to leave them alone in this mood.
Some cats wag their tails like dogs which is called “happy tail.” However, this can be a sign of warning or the welcome. So, it’s up to you to know your cat and learn to distinguish between her moods by looking at the rest of her body, such as her eyes which can guide you to recognize the right direction.

3. Eyes

Eyes are always playing an important role in the Persian cat body language and revealing the feeling of Persian cats. They are the best guide for understanding the body signals and give you a conclusion about your cat’s mood.
“Kitty kisses” is a known signal when your cat looks at you and slowly blinks her eyes. All owners know that it means their cats trust them.
By dilating her pupils, she is indicating aggression, excitement, pain, or fear and you have to take the entire body into consideration to recognize her mood.
If her eyes look like narrow slits, she may be self-assured or just plain angry or sleepy.
It is a common behavior for a cat to stare at another cat which is confrontational. The game will be finished by blinking. Whoever blinks or looks away first has capitulated.

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