Persian cat shopping – Accessories

Persian cat shopping – Accessories

Persian cat shopping is one of the most concerns of their owners when they want to keep a new cat or kitten at home. It is very important to prepare everything before adopting a cat. In this topic our research team helps you to buy the basic accessories for your Persian cats:

1. Feeding and watering suppliers

Food dish and water Bowl

There are different types of feed dishes and water bowl for cats. The price of simplest ones are about 20 – 30 &. It is better to buy one food dish and two water bowls for your Persian cat.

Water fountain

Drink enough water is a crucial factor for your cat. So, by buying a water fountain instead of water bowl, you can encourage your cat to drink more water. They are not so expensive. Their price change from 20 to 50 $.

Food Tree

It is fabulous. You can buy this beautiful food tree for your cat to let her play with it during eating her meal. It is about 20 to 30 $.

2. Grooming tools

Grooming tools include scratcher, brushes and combs are necessary for your Persian cats. You have to groom them every day to avoid getting mat on their long coat. There are a lot of useful and suitable grooming tools with different size and shape such as vertical or horizontal scratching posts. Buying a set of them does not cost more than 40 $.

There are also some special wash enclosure for Persian cats which is a bit expensive – about 600 – 700 $. It is not necessary for your Persian cat to be washed in this enclosure. However if you want to wash them easily and quickly, just try it.

3. litter boxes

Litter box is the first accessory that you have to buy. Nobody likes to let her cat to make her home dirty. So, pay a bout 10 to 30$ and buy one of them.
There are also some litter boxes with special features. For example some of them have self-cleannig. It is obvious that these ones are more expensive and you can buy one of them by paying about 100-200$.

4. a toy or two to start

Various pet supply stores offer you a lot of toys such as cat jigsaw puzzles and mailboxes, boxes and paper bags, catty Stacks boxes with nice hidey-holes, catnip buds in a bag, catnip bubbles, catnip spray, and catnip toys. Some of them are as cheap as 5 $ and others as expensive as 180 $.
One of the favorite toys of person cats is cat tree. You can refer to one of our topics called Jumping – How to make a Persian cat tree in Persian cat shopping category of A to Z encyclopedia to learn how to create it yourself and save your money.

5. beds& furniture

For buying Persian cat bed, our research team advise you to buy a qualified one. Although you have to pay more, remember the cheaper one may not be sturdy enough or last long enough. The best and most expensive bed for your Persian cat is just 30 $.
Among a lot of furniture which is available in the stores, cat enclosures is very useful if you want to leave your cats outdoor without danger. Their price is between 80 -120 $.

6. Cloths

Full of fun Jacket & T-shirts for cat lovers is available in the store. These T-shirts & jackets can be helpful in the winter and they are not so expensive just 5-15 $.

7. collars, harnesses& leashes

Collars, harnesses and leashes come in a wide range of attractive fabrics for a safe walking harness along with a bungee leash in case kitty decides to dart forward. Some of them have some wonderful treat-dispenser toys to help kitty use her hunting and play skills and get some exercise while she’s getting her treats or dry food. For buying a set of them you have to pay about 35 – 40$.

8. Carriers

To carry your kitty in a safe, durable way, you have to buy a carrier which fits under the seat of the plane without collapsing on kitty and has a comfy, washable pad and a back pocket where you can carry some food or a paperback book or anything else that might be useful on your trip. They just cost you about 20-70 $.

9. First Aid Kit

As we mentioned in the Persian cat emergency topic – Please rtefer to our encyclopedia – you have to prepare a first aid kit for your Persian cat at home. If you do not have time, you can buy one of them from the store buy paying about 7 – 15 $.

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