Persian cat training How to Solve Your Cat Litter box Problem

Persian cat training How to Solve Your Cat Litter box Problem
How to Solve Your Cat Litter box Problem

Litter box problem is one of the most frustrating behaviors of cat annoying their owner. To solve this problem you have to figure out the reason of avoiding the Persian cat from using the litter box.
At first you have to know that each cat needs her own litter box plus one extra. Then you can try each of the five below options for three days to discover the problem and solve it.

1. Litter box location

It is better to try this step with a brand new litter box. Put a brand new litter box, as big as possible and NOT a covered one, filled with fresh all-new litter, as close as you can to where Kitty was eliminating inappropriately the most, for example the bath mat, in your closet, on the couch, under a window or in a doorway.
If this stops Kitty from going outside the box, but the new location is not where you want a litter box, change the location just one foot a day. If Kitty’s peeing or pooping outside the box, you have to move it back and wait for another three days.

2. Soil and type of litter

Replace new box litter with nice rich potting soil and fill it with a different type of litter. It is better to use unscented non-clumping Tidy Cats, if you have not used it before.

3. Depth

Some cats try to dig down the soil before using the litter box, so add more soil to the new box and more litter to the original box to make it deeper.

4. Cleanliness

Cat urine is one of the most difficult smells on the earth to remove. So, you have to keep all boxes clean for three days by dumping all litter out daily, scrubbing with a cat enzyme cleaner or replace with 100% clean new litter.
Also you have to clean all the areas where your cat has gone, and put plastic cover or newspaper on the surface she had used instead of litter box.

5. Medical or Mental causes

Some Persian cats avoid using the litter box to show that they have some medical problem or pain. So, if none of the above solution works, you should take Kitty to your veterinary at the earliest to figure out any medical problems.
Mental causes such as stress and anxiety about their territory or other sources such fearing from a dog in the house are other common reasons make cats go outside their box. It is better to put the litter box where Kitty may feel less stressed for example in a heated/cooled bathroom, laundry room, or a kitty habitat


As we mentioned in another topic called PERSIAN CAT TRAINING TECHNIQUES – OPERANT CONDITIONING , you have to praise Kitty and give her a gift each time she uses the litter box correctly.
You have to be patient and in a good mood. You must never show that you are unhappy when cleaning their litter box.

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