Persian cat traits Facial body and coat features like long hair,small nose

Persian cat traits are somehow different from other ones. Our expert team is completely aware of your eager to know what Persian cats look like in order to identify them properly.

Let’s identify the Persian cats with below famous traits:

Persian cat traits

  1. Facial features

A. Face
While the most of Persian cats have flat and very round face with full and puffy cheeks, there are two different facial shapes for Modern Persian cats and traditional Persian cats.
Modern Persian cats often are flat-faced while Traditional Persian cats have more proportioned face with the mouth and nose located well in front of the eyes while retaining the basic broad, round and flat look which referred to doll-faced Persian.

B. Nose
All Persian cats have short, prominent and snubbed therefore not very prominent nose which is so familiar for Persian cat’s owners or breeders.

C. Eyes
wide, large and round eyes are the most common features of Persian cat eyes. They often have expressive eyes with blue – especially for Himalayan Division and amber or mix of two color. Calico& Bicolor division of Persian cats have copper eyes except for silver tabbies which may have green or hazel eyes.

D. Ears
very small with round-tipped appearance ears make the Persian cats different from other types.

2. Body features

Persian cat traits - Body features

A. Head
a heavy broad head is the most feature attracts Persian cat’s lovers.

B. Neck
Short and massive thick neck of Persian cats make you respect them like a royal.

C. Tail
Distinct, short, straight and lofted upward tail with little to no curvature is one of the most attractive part of Persian cat body. The Persian cats often carry the tail at an angle below the back.

D. Body shapes

distinctly, short and broad which often referred to as cobby is another especial trait of Persian cats. They have also stocky, medium to large sized body which is overall thick and compact. The Persian cat body shall be powerfully built and well balanced.

E. Legs
Persian cats have heavy bones and thick legs which make them a bit heavier than other types.

F. Shoulder
Broad shoulder is another distinctive feature of Persian cats.

3. Hair & Coat features

Persian cat traits - Hair & Coat features

A. Hair length
Longhair and very distinct fur are the most striking traits of Persian cats.
They have a lot of fur which shall be combed to avoid getting knots and tangles, the Persian cat mats also need to be trimmed out, frequently.

B. Coat pattern
we have an entire category in the Persian cat A to Z encyclopedia dedicated to Persian cat coats and color patterns and textures.
However, in brief we could mention that the Persian cats have full, long coat which is really unique in combination with long undercoat and long topcoat in seven color categories include solid silver-also known as Chinchillas, solid golden, Shaded and smoke, Tabby, parti-color-tortoiseshell varieties, Bicolor Himalayan -also known as Color point longhair.

In conclusion, we can say that the most striking features of the Persian cats are their longhair, flat face, small nose, round eyes and short neck Persian cat.


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