Persian kitten adopting and meme– Preparing your home for adopting

Preparing your home for adopting a curios and fearless kitten

Persian kitten adopting and meme– Preparing your home for adopting a curios and fearless kitten

“Curiosity killed the cat” It is an old saying which is completely true about the cats especially kittens. They are about you and everything surrounding them either at your home or other places. Curiosity also makes them to be fearless and these memes are more serious in the kitten.
When you decide to adopt a kitten, you have to think about yourself at first. They are exactly like a baby. You have to be so patient and provide love, warmth and companionship for your kitten. Some shelters or rescue groups have a room or even foster programs to let you be acquainted with the cat before adopting. You can get a better idea about his personality.
You have to also consider all aspects of bringing a kitten home. There might be some nights that you cannot sleep because you kitten is running around with the nighttime crazies. You may come home and see everything in your cabinet has been broken and your cat lay in the cabinet and snoring.
To avoid these problems, it is important to prepare your home before adopting a kitten. Our research team helps you to know the most important precautions and to learn how to make your home safe for your kitten; however it is your duty to use these instructions as a clue and find the same points at your home to consider the proper solution and to prevent any accident or bad event:
1. Use covers for anything left out on counters like burners on the countertop range or the stove. Sooner or later your kitty will decide to explore that surface which can be dangerous and you have to avoid any accidents.


2. Be sure to pick up anything small and stringy such as paper clips and pins dropped on the floor, any tiny toys your children might leave around, your own small knickknacks, ribbon, thread, and string and others. The more string a cat swallows the more danger for your kitten. It may lead to the surgery or possibly to death, depending on what has been swallowed and whether it does any internal damage. In this case, rush your cat to the veterinarian immediately Instead of try to pull it back out.


3. Use childproof locks for cabinets and drawers because kitty likes adept at opening cabinets.


4. Buy socket covers and tape wires to walls to avoid a kitty to stick her paw in an electric socket or chews on an electrical wire. You do not want your kitty to be electrocuted or burned.


5. Many cats enjoy dropping things to hear their breaking or knocking sound; they also enjoy dropping each item into the toilet and watching for the splash. So, you have to hide the breakable or movable things.


6. Computers and printers are another source of entertainment for kitties which is dangerous for them. They enjoy walking on the keyboard because they see that you are often working with it. Watching the paper comes out of the printer is also interesting for them. But the paper feeder can catch little paws, so you have to buy a cover for the computer and printer.


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