Price of Persian cats and their accessories such as their food

Price of Persian cats and their accessories

Our research team visited a lot of Persian cat shops to found the main factors which have effect on their prices. If you decide to buy a Persian cat, it would be helpful to know the below information:


  1. The price of Persian kitten is a bit more than mature ones
  2. The price of Persian cats is depend on their leg size, their pedigree and their face type
  3. There is not any considerable difference between the various type of Persian cats
  4. The purebred are more expensive than Moggies
  5. The most expensive purebred is Himalyan
  6. The bigger leg size, the more expensive
  7. The Persian cats with flat faces are the cheapest one
  8. The Persian cat price is about 120 $ to 700 $. Our research team prepared some guide as below to give you a clue about their prices:
  • Purebred Kittens: $175-$450
  • Purebred Adults: $150-$400
  • Mature and Special Needs: $50-$125
  • Mixed breed kittens: $50-$150

9. Mixed breed adults: $25-$175The best age of Persian kitten to buy is under 1 year and of Persian cat is between 1 to 6 years.
10. The price offered by the breeders includes spay/neuter, feline leukemia/FIV testing, distemper vaccination, micro chipping, flea-free, grooming, temperament testing and often full dental cleanings.
11. For older cats you can ask for a blood panels to assure they are healthy.


Persian cat food
A lot of different food is available for Persian cats and their price depends on how much it is enriched by the vitamins and nutrients.
However, an ordinary food can cost 20 to 30 $ per month. You can reduce this cost by preparing domestic food for your Persian cat. You can refer to the Persian cat diets article under the Persian cat food category in our A to Z Encyclopedia for cooking the most suitable food for your cat.

Persian cat soils
Soil is one of the most necessary accessories for your cat and it is so important to refresh it every week.
The weight of soils package usually is 5 Kg which is enough for weekly usage. The price of each package is about 4 to 6 $.
If you clean the soils every day, you can renew it every 15 days. So, it is possible to save some money.
Persian cat veterinarian
A healthy Persian cat shall be checked by veterinarian every 6 months and receive the proper vaccination if it is needed.
The veterinarian fee for visiting the Persian cats is about 8$. However, for vaccination of performing some tests they will ask you to pay more.
All of these items have a specific tariff and you can ask your vegetarian to show it to you
To gain more information about various types of accessories that you can buy for your Persian cats such as toys, beds& furniture, collars, harnesses& leashes, Grooming tools, Litter box, Feeding and watering suppliers and etc., please refer to the article in our A to Z encyclopedia called Persian cat shopping – Accessories.

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