A victory achieved by the Persian cats as the front line soldiers

Persian cat History & Origin

Battle of Pelusium - History & Origin of Persian cat

1. The First document about 2500 years ago (525 BCE)

It is not far from the fact if we consider the Persian cats participating in the Battle of Pelusium as the first documented ancestors of the early Persian cats.
History of Iran is really full of interesting and exemplary events created by intelligent and brave king and queens. One of these ingenious kings was Cambyses II, the Persian cat leader!!! At that time a lot of battles raged between Iran and Egypt. Strong and well provisioned Egyptian soldiers were always winner of the battles. However, the PELUSIUM battle was the last one, because The Iranian army arranged by all ancient animals includes Persian cats, dogs, sheep, etc. in companion with Iranian solders and Cambyses II as their leadership was the winner of the war.
The idea of arranging Persian cats as the first line of army and engraving the BASTET on the soldier’s shields suggested by Cambyses II. He knew that BASTET – Combination of a cat head with a woman body-was one of the most popular goddesses in EGYPT and EGYPTIANS respect all cats, greatly. He was absolutely right.
When Iran army arrived near Nile river where the EGYPT army awaited for them, everything was changed. Cats were so highly regarded in ancient Egypt that the punishment for killing one was death, so, once the Egyptian observed the BASTAT on shields and the Persian cats as the fron line of army, all of them feared to fight and harm the Persian cats. So, they gave up and the victory achieved by the Persian cats as the front line soldiers.
2. The second document about 500 years ago (17th century)

In the book called The Travels in Persia (2 parts) which were published by Pietro Della Valle’ sons in 1658, the Persian cats were also mentioned. In this book Pietro described his travel to Iran to see Abbas Shah at Isfahan and then his life with his wife –Maani- and also adopted children and dozen grey Persian cats from Khorasan and white Angora cats at Ardabil for three years. After a while, when Pietro decided to return Italy in 1620, And brought them to Italy for the first time.

3. The Third document about 500 years ago (17th century)

The Third document about Persian cat

In some letters wrote by Nicholas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc in 1600s, there are some evidences showed that he ordered the Persian cat from Damascus to import France.
It may sound strange at the beginning and you may ask how Nicholas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc known Persian cats or why he may want to adopt them? Our research team was also eager to gain some information and finally they found that Nicholas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc was a big collector of ancient coins, chameleons; and numerous cats. So, when he heard that there was a special longhair breed cat in Persia, ordered them from Damascus.

Therefore, at the same time Persian cats brought from Persia to Italy and France.

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