Persian cat emergency – When your cat needs emergency help?

Persian cat emergency is not just in case of falling or car accident or even poisoning. It is absolutely obvious that in these situations you do not have any choice except carrying your cat to the hospital emergency.
In this topic we are not going to repeat the axiom, but our research team wants to inform you about the most important keys which prepare you to know when  your cat needs an emergency help and what is the best way of helping her in that situations.

A. Watch your Persian cat behavior carefully

The first point you have to know about Persian cats is their instinctive behavior. They have created to live in wild world so they know by showing their weakness; they would be hunted by stronger animals. So, do not wait for your cat to show you she is sick, because cats are always masking their clinical signs and when they show you, it means they are very sick and it is too late for your help.
So, you have to be more careful about the below changes in your Persian cat normal behavior to diagnose your cat need emergency help.

  1. Change in water consumption
  2. Change in normal activity for example lie quietly instead of jumping toward you when you go home after a while
  3. Breathing heavily and rapidly
  4. Sudden rear leg problem
  5. Cold rear legs
  6. Vomiting the food undigested
  7. Yelping when you want to pick her up
  8. Change in her food amount

There are so many different changes that we could add in the above list, however it is your duty to pay attention to your Persian cat every single day and recognize any deviation from her normal behavior. By observing this signs in your cat, get your cat to emergency clinic immediately. Do not forget that your cat won’t show her illness unless it is so serious. So, there is no time to loose.

your cat needs emergency help

B. Avoid your Persian cat from anything which is dangerous for your kid

The second point is to take care of your cat just like a kid; anything which is harmful for your kid is also dangerous for your Persian cat. You can find a list of hazardous things below:

  1. Any plant or leaf stuck to her coat because it will end up in your cat stomach by grooming and may be poisoning for her. So, when your cat is coming back from outdoor, you have to clean her.
  2. People food like chocolate, grapes, raisins, avocado, anything contain artificial sweetener xylitol
  3. Household cleaner
  4. Heavy metal
  5. Lead paint chips
  6. Garden products such as fertilizer
  7. Chemical spills
  8. Antifreeze
  9. Rat and mouse poisons
  10. Flea and tick products made for dogs
  11. Human medicine such as acetaminophen

C. Prepare a First Aid Kit for your Persian cat

Preparing a first aid kit both in the home and in your car is the best way to help your cats in case of emergency. Inside the first aid kit you need below things for your Persian cat:

  1. Sterilize gas
  2. Adhesive tape or vet wrap (A bandage which sticks to itself and doesn’t require any tape or pins to use instead of bandage after a blood test
  3. Tweezers
  4. Scissors
  5. Petroleum jelly
  6. Hydrogen peroxide
  7. Nail clippers
  8. A muzzle (a pat in pain may bite)
  9. Cotton balls
  10. A tongue depressor or something to use for splint
  11. A flashlight
  12. Sterile saline solution
  13. A chemical ice pack
  14. An oral syringe
  15. Antiseptic wipes
  16. An antibiotic ointment
  17. Eye wash
  18. Burn and insect relief lotions or cream
  19. Thermometer
  20. Ear cleaning solution
  21. Towels to wrap up your cat
  22. Cat carrier
  23. Veterinarian’s phone number and address along with directions
  24. Poison control phone number
  25. Copy of your cat’s medical records include her vaccination certificate
  26. The medication process if your cat is under it

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